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We’ll always keep your data safe and secure. So you’re clued up, here’s why we need it and how we use it.

Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated creatives and storytellers who love what we do and love the community we’re able to call family.

Why do we do what we do?

Knowing that every day we are able to help empower the storyteller in all of us (including each one of us here at UNUM) is a blessing. We strive to make the storytelling process easy and simple. There is no better feeling than to take a deep breath, pause and look back at all that our community and our team have accomplished (and will accomplish!) together. We love each and every single UNUM family member.

No. 1: The Goods

We will only use your data to up your experience.

No. 2: Locked Down

We protect your data like it’s our own.

No. 3: No BS

We are here for you. We will tell you straight up, always. No nonsense. No bullsh*t. No one has time for that.

No. 4: No Spam

You decide how and what you want to hear from us.

No. 5: Just the Essentials

Your info won't hang around — if we don't need it, we'll delete it.

Protecting Your Privacy

At UNUM, we're all in on protecting the privacy and security of our family, community, and friendly passerby (like you site visitor). The UNUM team are customers, members, creatives, and storytellers like you, of both UNUM and other platforms and sites -- so we completely know and respect how important privacy is. We're people of purpose and we're determined to do everything we can to protect you, empower you, and support you. If you have any questions about how we Protect Your Privacy, hit us up at

For all our services, the data controller -- the company that's responsible for your privacy -- is UNUM, Inc.

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