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By using our free, easy-to-learn app, curating your Instagram story becomes effortless, seamless, and above all, beautifully unconventional.

For our current users, UNUM has provided organic growth by making it easy to design a consistent theme.

UNUM's mission is to give you back control of your story. We are passionate about disrupting culture and helping you to do the same.

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design your story

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With UNUM, it's simple to tell your story exactly the way you want to. Our visual planner allows you to see your photos as they'd appear on Instagram. We save you time by allowing you to do all of your editing, writing, rearranging, and drafting without the hassle of switching between different apps.


"I think my favourite part have to be that you can see everything at once, just like you would on your Instagram feed, so you get to see directly how everything fits together for the bigger picture."

– Kris, Marketing Director at Brüha

Schedule your Instagram posts so that UNUM reminds you to post when your users are most active online. Our simple calendar allows you to pick the best times to post.

never miss a moment

schedule posts

Timing is everything. Planning in advance means that your photo and caption are saved and ready to go – all it takes is the tap of a button to post. Our simple scheduler reminds you to post when your followers are most active.


"The scheduled posting feature is one of the most important points I deliver when talking to business/marketing Instagramers. it's hard being successful with marketing through social media because it just doesn't come natural for some to check their accounts multiple times a day. But now they can use UNUM!"

– Brett, @b.r.e.t.t.y

Add multiple Instagram accounts to UNUM to so that you can edit, plan, schedule, and theme each one beforehand. Beautiful themes lead to growth and more followers, comments, and likes. 

cure ugly

grow followers

UNUM has taken its users' Instagrams to the next level in tangible ways. Seamlessly curated themes lead to explosions in follower growth, as well as greater engagement with current followers. Whether it's your personal, portfolio, or business account, UNUM offers the one-stop toolkit to make your Instagram the best it's ever been.


"We couldn't have built our brand (and continue to build it) without UNUM, so THANK YOU!"

– Evonne & Darren, @umeusstudios




Not only are we passionate about our users – we're passionate about their stories. Below, you'll find features on some of our storytellers, as well as images and thoughts from the UNUM team. 
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JUNE 27, 2016

@WhatMyBoyfriendWore has won Sergio accolades such as GQ's Best Dressed and The Fashion Spot's Top 20 Men's Fashion Blogs. He brings class to the casual, and fun to the formal. Read on

hello b.r.e.t.t.y | Meet the INsta
JUNE 02, 2016

Today we're spotlighting one of our incredibly talented brand ambassadors, Brett Johnson – the man with a message. When it comes to design aesthetic, we see eye to eye. His talent radiates throughout his Instagram feed (@b.r.e.t.t.y), where can really feel the energy and complexity and uniqueness that is Brett. Read more

bobbyn3 | traveling instagrammers
JUNE 02, 2016

Okay, we’re in luck. I mean serious luck. You know the most interesting man in the world? Yea, he finally had some time to chat with us. Meet Bobby Nahill (@bobbyn3) - stop read if you’re the jealous type. Keep reading

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JUNE 2016

In this feature, Robin chats with us about Hawaii, giant Vietnamese spiders, and what it's like to be one of Instagram's most famous travel photographers. Read on

stumbled on something pure
may 14, 2016

One day we were perusing through Insta, as we normally do, when all of a sudden – stop. Double tap. We happened to stumble upon this beautiful hand-drawn picture.
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throwing up some thoughts

may 5, 2016

"One plate of meaningful gibberish, please."
Life is a conundrum; simplify it.
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