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Bridging the gap between art and innovation, UNUM is the all-in-one app for visual planning, data-driven insights, and publishing capabilities for digital content.

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Both Art and Science

There is both an art and science to the process of storytelling, from the first sparks of inspiration to the means of distributing and sharing your story. UNUM is a platform that weaves itself seemlessly throughout the entire creative process, providing insight and context, for you to tell your story most effectively and share it with your special community.

Design your Space

Grid Space

A space to think both inside and outside of the box. A moveable canvas for designing thematic content.

Story Space

A space for deeper connection. A vertical canvas designed for a series of your mixed media content.

Biobar Space

Exclusive to our Web App, the Biobar space is your digital business card, creatively linking together your online presence.

Storytelling for Everyone

Our thoughtfully designed, user-intuitive interface offers complete control over the content you create and how you share it with your community. Whether you are an artist, designer, brand, influencer, or social media savant, design your way to greater influence and social engagement with our extensive features.

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