Hi, my name is Kaley Morgan and this is UNUM.


Amplify your Instagram:

  • Simple Storyboarding

  • Powerful Analytics

  • Dynamic Scheduling

Design Perfection. Control Your Story.

Detailed Features

With UNUM, you can:

  • Tell limitless stories with •• Multiple Accounts

  • Visualize your grid simply with •• Drag & Drop + Rearrange Tool

  • Add depth to your photos •• Edit/Filter Tool

  • Save time and increase efficiency with •• Scheduling

  • Freedom to share to Instagram anytime with •• Direct Post

  • Create complexity with •• Tile Tool

  • Personalize your message beforehand with •• Caption Pen

  • Swap between ideas in •• Draft Screen

  • Modify your grid with •• Schemes

  • And more for you to uncover

Best of all: it's free.


A powerful design and storage tool to amplify any Instagram. Store, plan, theme, edit, and more. The only Instagram tool you’ll ever need.





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black on white - right-click to download


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Need additional information? Email us at team@unum.la with questions and requests.