Did You Know About The Museum of Failure?

We’ve all heard some form of cheesy advice that we’ll learn from our mistakes. Well, it’s only cheesy ‘cause it really is true, happens often, and did you know there’s a museum to prove it? YA, fam. We’re serious. They’re like MAJOR innovation flops tho. Not like “whoops I spilt wine on my white shirt, so I probably shouldn’t wear a white shirt next time I go to drink wine”. It’s more like Colgate, a company which we all know creates TOOTHPASTE, decides that it’s a brilliant idea to manufacture BEEF LASAGNA! Kind of an oxymoron huh?

Creator of the museum, Samuel West, is a psychologist who wanted to celebrate the riskiness of innovation and how it could possibly lead to success. For example, the Newton by Apple, Inc. was a “personal assistant” device/bulky tablet-looking thing-a-ma-jig that no one really bought so they ended up discontinuing it, but it was still part of the spark that ignited the now widely-used iPhones and iPads.

The full museum is currently located in Helsingborg, Sweden. What we’re hoping is that the Museum of Failure isn’t a fail in itself and will be able to make its way to us.

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Celebrate all that is #FAIL in your life.

Dillon Morgan