An Appreciation Post for Albino Models

In regards to Lara and Mara Bawar, Albino twin models who “are taking the fashion industry by storm with their unique beauty,” we wanted to take a moment to admire the STUNNING ✨ images they create.

 photographed by @ viniciusterranova

photographed by @viniciusterranova

 photographed by @ viniciusterranova

photographed by @viniciusterranova

Many of these beautiful people living with albinism grow up feeling as if they don’t belong. They are often teased or exaggeratedly praised as “other-worldly.” To better understand the condition, we’d like to quote Diandra Forrest, model and actress, found on People With Albinism: Not Ghosts But Human Beings.

It is not easy being a person with albinism because of the lack of understanding of what the condition is, even in the modeling industry where I have been working for the past few years.

People with albinism are looked at as something that is maybe extra-terrestrial, an odd beauty, not just a regular beauty, whatever that is. It can be fun and entertaining but it should not be a freak show.

But I still hope for change: for children with albinism to know their beauty, and for their parents to instill that confidence in them.
 (via @ shaundross )

(via @shaundross)

  Kelly Gallagher , Winter Paralympics gold medalist

Kelly Gallagher, Winter Paralympics gold medalist

 Connie Chiu (via @ asmodine_

Connie Chiu (via @asmodine_

UNUM fam, beauty should be set by you--by your confidence in everything that you are and what you’re proud of. Let’s make that the standard.

Dillon Morgan