4th of July: Beyond Barbecues and Booze

4th of July: all about them fireworks, barbecues, and of course--the booze 🍻🍻.

Tradition is a beeeeeautiful thing, but if you’re getting a little bored with the same old, same old, WE FEEL YA. We scoured a few cities and found some super duper exciting events that have been rejuvenated from tradition to get you obsessed with Independence Day again (wait, jk, no one’s ever really been OBSESSED with July 4th, except maybe our Founding Fathers, but you know what we mean).

Not only did people view the fireworks at The Queen Mary from here, but the aquarium hosts a BBQ and discounted late night admission with classic American food.

 patriotic mommy + me duo at the aqaurium! (via  @alexis_nicole01 )

patriotic mommy + me duo at the aqaurium! (via @alexis_nicole01)

 making sure their residents know what patriotism is (via  @aquariumpacific )

making sure their residents know what patriotism is (via @aquariumpacific)

 very, very kid-friendly (via  @jennleeyee )

very, very kid-friendly (via @jennleeyee)

C’mon, you should know by now that Disneyland is insanely EXTRA with their fireworks. They do not hold back, and you will be staring at the glittery sky for what feels like foreves. Soooo worth it.

 defs extra, but we're ok with it. (via @ disneyland_aperture

defs extra, but we're ok with it. (via @disneyland_aperture

A’int nothing like celebrating America’s birthday in the heart of the capital. For real, we wish we got fireworks near our birthplaces for our birthdays too, but guess we can't all have what we want. We recommend sitting on the hill of the Washington Monument and gloriously watching fireworks; there are opportunities for music as well like the Smithsonian Folklife Festival or U.S. Capitol’s free concert.

 (via @ acr27b )

(via @acr27b)

Thousands gather on a variety of floaties and boats in the shallow waters of Waikiki to partaayyy 🕺🏽🕺🏽. Do not leave trash behind, and participate at your own discretion.

 floaties galore (via @ confidentdev )

floaties galore (via @confidentdev)

 we spy some American flaggies (via @ michaeljrobles )

we spy some American flaggies (via @michaeljrobles)

Ok so if you’re not into the whole crowd thing and end up saying, “Wow, I hate people,” every time you enter them, we suggest staying at home and watching an American classic like Gone With The WindCasablanca, or Singin’ in the Rain. Also, you could support a small business to keep that American Dream alive and well. If you’ve saved enough money, we say climb aboard a cruise to watch fireworks from the water or rent an Airbnb for some peace and quiet 😌 --like these (!!!):

 G bless 'murica and this  airbnb  home. (via @ lizziescabin )

G bless 'murica and this airbnb home. (via @lizziescabin)

 envy-worthy, long weekend location (via @ sgrebenisan )

envy-worthy, long weekend location (via @sgrebenisan)

Happy belated July 4th, and best of luck recovering from the long weekend!!!



Dillon Morgan