For The Fellow Coffeehouse Lovers

Shoutout to all you amazing beings for interacting with us. That’s like one of our fave parts about all of this. We've gathered some favorite coffee spots in California, Seattle, Texas, Chicago, New York and GERMANY. Can teleportation be a thing already so we can hang out with all of you at these AMAAAZING coffee shops you recommended?

So yeah Starbucks is pretty amazing, but for everyone else in the game, starting a business from the ground up is a wave of a journey, and some go above and beyond our expectations just to compete. We’re glad these spots have your support. Let’s give them a little “oomph” and expose them to even more peeps! 


Bar Nine (Culver city, CA)

suggested by UNUM team

The Conservatory (Culver City, CA) 

suggested by UNUM team

Stumptown coffee Roasters (los Angeles, CA*)

suggested by UNUM team

GiorgiPorgi (Los Angeles, CA)

suggested by UNUM team

Portola coffee lab (Tustin, CA*)

suggested by @violethills

Milk + HOney (Costa mesa, CA*)

suggested by UNUM team -- get a lavender americano 👅

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders (Orange, CA*)

suggested by UNUM team -- they've got a unique rose flavor available here! 

andytown coffee Roasters (San Francisco, CA*)

suggested by @hey.jz -- "love their lattes and delicious pastries"

Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters (San Francisco, CA)

suggested by @hey.jz -- "consistently outstanding lattes and cute wallpaper"

pinhole coffee (San Francisco)

suggested by @hey.jz -- "a true hidden gem. we visit whenever we're in the area."


Sawada Coffee (Chicago, iL)

suggested by @hey.jz -- "the Military Latte (matcha, vanilla syrup, cocoa powder, and a shot of expresso) is absolutely dreamy ✨"


sugarbird cupcakes (dusseldorf, germany)

suggested by @shivani.princesa

"I go here once a week every Wednesday with a special friend for that special treat right in the middle of the week, catching up. We always have the same order: a mocha and a vanilla pudding and chocolate dough cupcake called "schoko-schätzchen," which means chocolate darling in English. It's my favorite time of the week, because it feels like a cozy sweet home. Each time I go there, I feel like it's a break from the rest of the world." 

Thanks again, fam! Isn’t there just something about the perfect coffeehouse vibes? We are for sure missing some really great ones so slide into our DMs if you have another recommendation, and we’ll add it to this list!! For those who don't vibe with coffee shops, tell us where your creativity flows best; we'd love to give it a try 🤗 🤗

Dillon Morgan