Men's Fashion Week Standouts: S/S 2018

After London Fashion Week Men’s (June 9th - 12th, 2017), comes New York Fashion Week: Men’s Shows, and it just ended yesterday. 

View the schedule here:

The thing about fashion week is that some shows are “big name” designer labels that everyone who’s not living under a rock already knows about but, there are some CRAZY COOL ones that you might of glanced over or never even bothered reading about ‘cause you’ve never heard of it before.

Guess what? They’re so totally worth it thoooo. T goodness we here at UNUM did a lil research for you and summed up just how “CRAZY COOL” these peeps really are.


Head of State+

This is Taofeek Abijako’s collection. He is 19. HE IS 19. TBH, how many of us can even sew a button back onto our pant? Originally from Nigeria, Abijako moved to the U.S. to start his collection with money earned from selling customized, painted vans. THIS DUDE IS A FLIPPIN’ ROCKSTAR. We love how inclusive the label's search for models was and how their mood board is completely inspired by life in West Africa.

 casting call (via  @headofstate_ )

casting call (via @headofstate_)

 '"Permanent Error - Ghana' by Pieter Hugo. HOS Mood Board" (via  @headofstate_ )

'"Permanent Error - Ghana' by Pieter Hugo. HOS Mood Board" (via @headofstate_)

 "... the analysis of social and cultural impact of colonialism in West Africa" (via  @headofstate_ )

"... the analysis of social and cultural impact of colonialism in West Africa" (via @headofstate_)

 "'Fulfilling All Righteousness' SS18 Presentation - NYFW" (via  @headofstate_

"'Fulfilling All Righteousness' SS18 Presentation - NYFW" (via @headofstate_

Raf Simons

Talk about inclusiveness, Raf Simons’ had both females and males walk his runway. He was all about mixing Asian culture and western culture as he set his show in Chinatown. Funny thing, Simons started in showroom and furniture design, which we can only imagine would be quite different from apparel design. His impressive background includes being an Artistic Director of Christian Dior, and you know when Calvin Klein blew up into its explosion of now-considered basicness but still desirableness? Yeah, that’s probz ‘cause Simons became their Chief Creative Officer.

  (via  COMPLEX )


 (via  COMPLEX )


Palmiers du Mal

You know when you’re netflix and chillin’ but still want to feel like a zillion bucks? Shane Fonner got chu. Literally the show was described as ‘the young pope goes on safari,’ with a focus on ‘luxe loungewear.’ Gender doesn’t really matter for Fonner’s line either; he actually considers it gender-neutral.

 "the homies" (via  @palmiersdumal )

"the homies" (via @palmiersdumal)

General Idea

Both good and bad, everyone is talking about millennials anyway, so why not turn the idea of them into a clothing line? In honor of the “nippies,” a combination of “net” and “hippies”--which WDK (we don’t know) if he coined, but sure has heck have never heard of it before--he had some of his models hold cell phones and check them while they strutted. His collection wasn’t to mock millennials but rather to show cohesion with the bright and loose fabrications.

 "PHONO SAPIENS" (via  @generalidea_official )

"PHONO SAPIENS" (via @generalidea_official)

 repost (via  @generalidea_official )
 loosely-fitted perfection (via  @generalidea_official ))

loosely-fitted perfection (via @generalidea_official))

Dillon Morgan