10 Insta Feeds You Wish You Had

FAM, we’re sure you know that keeping a neat feed on Instagram is no easy feat. Honestly, even celebrities with the largest followings don’t even have feeds that flow--like Selena Gomez: you’re GORG, talented, and mad respect for the 122 million followers, but “aesthetically-pleasing” isn’t necessarily the go-to way of describing your feed.

So what is “aesthetically pleasing”? We think the definition of that changes just as what’s “in” always changes, but at least for now, it’s minimalism; it’s using colors that complement each other; it’s being able to balance one’s feed between too cluttered and too snooze-worthy 😴.

Here are some folks who we believe deserve little shoutie-outies for their poppin’ IGs.


Part photographer, part traveller, part musician, part trendsetter, part vintage clothing hunter, just to name a few--Casey has got it goin’ ooon, and she translates it to her feed so beautifully.


With 2 million followers, we guess some people already know how classy and easy on the eyes Adam Gallagher’s feed is, but in case you didn’t, YOU ARE WELCOME.  


As a social media marketing agency, a nice Instagram is eeeeverything, so we’re glad that GBNYC knows what’s up.


Lindsey’s feed is every millennial's dream. She’s a youtuber with a lot of design smarts.


They’re a travelling couple that knows a thing or two about photography. Can you already imagine how #goals-worthy of a feed they have?


And the award for Best at Balancing One’s Feed Between Too Cluttered and Too Snooze-Worthy goes to...


As an artist, Elena Limkina’s feed makes our eyes, very, very happy--from her dainty paintings, to her fashion sense and minimalistic photography.


OK, Justin’s got all high quality photos with a nice lil color scheme going on and makes us kinda jelly of his adventures.


Color coordination, softness, and flat-lays at its finest.


This NYC couple is spunky with just the right amount of colorful that keeps our eyes wanting more.

Does this motivate you to keep up your Insta game or what??? We know that there's more to life than IG, of course, but a little aesthetics never hurt nobody. Pssst, our Toolkit might be able to help you, BTW! Click here if you want to learn more. Until next time, design on, fam bam 💞