Saad Saves the Environment | Meet the Insta

Okay, first off! Saad is our boi!! Anddd his story is amazing, plain and simple. If you don’t know Saad, you should.

 Casually speaking at the United Nations, where he advocated for environmental education as a sustainable solution for poverty alleviation. 

Casually speaking at the United Nations, where he advocated for environmental education as a sustainable solution for poverty alleviation. 

We’ll do the bragging on his behalf ;) And so with that, we want to brag about three things that everyone knows about Saad: Instagram @itssaadamer

1.His environmental work

2.His artistic eye

3.His face (yes, his face)

Our good friend graduated from Harvard with a degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy and a minor in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. If that wasn’t impressive enough, before he left, he helped co-write Harvard’s Sustainability plan. Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here (we have no idea what we’re talking about now), so Saad explain lol!

The Sustainability plan is a 5-year project laying out the groundwork to reduce waste, water/energy use, greenhouse gases, etc.

Got it, thanks!

Didn’t you just get back from the Himalayas?!

Yes I did! I lived there for about half a year (after I graduated) for a photo/research book I’m writing on the environmental conditions there.


That’s so awesome, can you share more about that experience?


It was incredible! The mountains billowed endlessly into the sky and the people were kinder than any I’ve ever met. I was welcomed into every home, got to live side-by-side with villagers and learn about their small farms and efforts to make their lives more sustainable. I was working with an NGO called ATREE, and learned more than I could have ever hoped!

Do you have friends you can hit up in the Himalayas now?

Duh! My host family had 4 dogs—I’d return if only to cuddle with them! 

Did you have time to relax after you got back from the Himalayas?

Of course! But I was still on the hustle--  I actually just spoke at the Commission for Social Development at the United Nations, where I advocated for environmental education as a sustainable solution for poverty alleviation.

Saad, you are a beast! How do you think it went?

I think it went well! While I was there I moderated an event on Social Entrepreneurship too, and it was well received. If at least one person took something away, it was worth it.

If you traced it back, what would you say inspired you the most to pursue your passion for the environment?

It has to start with when I was a kid. I used to plant daffodils around my house with my mom. It was magical how they could burst from the ground into such beautiful, intricate flowers. I’ve always held those memories close, and hope to help everyone find their own daffodils.

What is next on Saad’s environmental hit list?!

Well now I want to go out and buy some daffodils for my Mommy!

Now, let’s talk about your keen eye! Okay, a few more bragging background points: Saad has been working in the arts since middle school - focusing on graphic design, digital photography, and video. His forte is in the relationship between humanity and nature. Okay, sorry Saad, we digress -

What was the most recent work you did to represent humanity and nature?

The best example is probably the exhibit I recently had in Boston, Grassland: Nexus of the Living world. I used human figures in nature to emphasize the oneness that exists amongst all forms of life. I wanted to point out that all life is related, and emphasize that the solid and unsolid, the synthetic and the natural, the cosmos and the self -- are all arbitrary distinctions born out of our own minds.

That’s awesome! Please tell us someone has recognized your amazing shots?!

My work has been published by National Geographic, Vogue Italia, and other publications around the world :)

Good, you deserve it and more!

What are you up to now?

Right now, I’m particularly passionate about using video as an educational means and am working as an Associate Producer at PBS NOVA.

They didn’t just hire you because of your face, did they lol

Forgot to submit my headshot with my resume!  

Speaking of faces, this man has a face. Like a face of faces. That makes no sense….What we mean haha is that Saad over here was casually ranked as one of the 15 hottest freshmen his year.

Harvard has this haha?!

Yeah haha, it’s an annual list of the 15 hottest freshmen by the Harvard Crimson. They also have HerCampus, and Harvard’s Finest by the Tab….which I have also been featured on *blushing

Wow, we would totally have that on our Linkedin tbh. That’s awesome, you lucky dawg!....Damn, Saad. That’s so sick, we still can’t get over that!

Okay now let’s throw some curveballs in this rapid fire Q&A:

What is your favorite food?


Favorite pick-up line to use?

I usually let others try and pick me up ;)

You get 2 VIP access passes to your favorite artist’s show - who is the artist and who is your plus one?

I’d have to fly to Japan and see Utada Hikaru. Could I bring Malala as my plus one?

What camera and set up do you use primarily?

I always juggle between a few different cameras! For set up, it depends on what I’m shooting. But in general, I like to work with natural light and try not to use much more than a reflector to get the shot I want.

Any quotes you found inspiration from?


“Just enjoy the art of life” - Utada Hikaru.


You can only bring 3 things to a deserted island - go!

A hut, a picnic basket and some sunglasses. Sounds like a great vacation!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I’m lucky because I can live anywhere! Right now, work has me in Boston, but I’m sure I’ll live in New York, LA, and around the world soon enough!
Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 8.53.35 AM.png

What are your go to emojis and why?

🍃  Leaf blowing in the wind – because it seems so peaceful
🌟 Shining star – because I’m always hype
😍 Heart eye emoji – because I love you.

How many countries have you been to?

A dozen, I think!

Okay, brag about UNUM for a bit because we’re feeling lame now compared to your life :’(

No, you guys are amazing! I love posting about these adventures on Instagram, which is where UNUM comes in handy! I use Instagram to emphasize the beauty of the world we live in, so most of my pictures are about nature, culture, fashion and my life in general. Gotta love UNUM for help making that happen!


Saad is an awesome human being and we're so fortunate to have him part of the UNUM fam. We can't wait to see him on the cover of Forbes, National Geographic, and every other publication. Excited for what the future has in store for you! Keep killin it brotha!!