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Not sure about you guys, but food Instagrams can be a bit cliche - if not done right. Good angles, lighting, and plating are a huge part of the appeal; but it doesn’t hurt if the food itself is absolutely gorgeous.

 *heavy breathing* (via  @raindropcake )

*heavy breathing* (via @raindropcake)

Enter mizu shingen mochi, stage left. Known simply as Raindrop Cake in the U.S., this jelly-like Japanese dessert has become the new trend in sweets on Instagram – mainly because it’s just so damn photogenic. It's like eating God's tear drops.  

 this one is lightly lavender flavored  (via  @raindropcake )

this one is lightly lavender flavored  (via @raindropcake)

 she's glowing. (via  @raindropcake )

she's glowing. (via @raindropcake)

So naturally, the UNUM team had to try it out. What we discovered is that it’s ridiculously easy to make yourself! Now, we’re sharing it with you. Step aside, @theartofplating. There’s a new chef in town.

 (via  @j.liebig )

(via @j.liebig)

Okay, okay, even if it is very easy to make, not everyone has time for that.
...If so, just get pampered (#treatyoself). We looked up a couple of places in Los Angeles where you can order it:


Kimukatsu (next to UNUM’s fave ramen place, Tatsu 🙌 ) 


Smorgasburg L.A. (awesome Sunday-only food fair)

 awesome plating! (via  @veronikaenzo )

awesome plating! (via @veronikaenzo)

 the leaf plate won us over. (via   @angiechaip )

the leaf plate won us over. (via  @angiechaip)

However, if you do consider yourself an adventurous foodie, then look no further. Here's your step-by-step guide to making Raindrop Cake in your own kitchen.


Le Recipe

Makes 2 cakes (or one big fat ass one lol)

Ingredients you’ll need


⅔ cup Distilled Water

⅙ teaspoon Agar Agar *alternative: gelatin powder

⅙ teaspoon Granulated Sugar

2 drops Vanilla Extract *optional


Molasses *alt: honey, agave syrup, condensed milk

Soybean Powder *alt: brown sugar, Ovaltine

Garnishes (super optional)

Berries (just a couple!)

Edible flower

Mint leaf

Black sesame seeds

Tools you’ll need


Measuring Cup & Spoons

Heat-proof spoon to stir

Spherical Molds *alt: very small bowls

Photogenic plate/serving dish

Cute spoon


UNUM - duh.


  1. Mix the agar agar and sugar together in the saucepan.

  2. Add the water a little at a time as you stir to dissolve. *If you add it all at once, the agar will clump 😱

  3. Once all of the water is added and everything is completely dissolved, bring the solution to a boil, stirring constantly. You should see white bubbles coat the bottom of the saucepan.

  4. Let the solution cool for a few minutes (So that it doesn't melt your molds).

  5. Pour into the molds so that they have an equal amount. *At this point, you can add one of the garnishes, and then pour more of the solution on top to encase it in the cake 🔮

  6. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, or until solid.

  7. *Carefully* remove the cake from the mold and arrange it on your plate with your toppings and garnishes of choice.

  8. Revel in your skills.


Now it’s up to you to get that perfect angle, create that ambiance, and shoot your masterpiece! Don’t spend too much time contemplating though – the cakes melt if left out too long. (Maybe keep your 2nd cake in the refrigerator while shooting, in case you need a backup.)

Happy Designing!


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 these spoons are so cute. (via  @_kyrenwong_ )

these spoons are so cute. (via @_kyrenwong_)

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