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Had the most awesome time chatting with the sweet and talented Milli Grace, blogger and instagrammer (@milligraceldn) extraordinare, about her life in London, her food adventures, and her adorable terrier companion: Sylvie.

Can't wait for you to meet our new friend!

We love your photos of little london shops! What about them inspires you? 

Cute London shop fronts are my favourite things to photograph. I get so excited when I come across a shop that's just got the perfect frontage! I think they let us see another side of London; the smaller, independently-owned and community-based part of London that often doesn't get shown to the rest of the world.

Tell us some obscure British slang!

'Cream Crackered' is my favourite slang. It's cockney rhyming slang for Knackered or tired. My grandparent's use it all the time, and it makes me laugh. My favourite modern slang is probably 'par' which is basically used when something goes wrong or someone gets insulted. 'That's par'.

What's your go-to meal, and what's the next thing you want to learn to cook?

My go-to meal is probably Fish and Chips (so typically British I know - but I love it!) I've recently learned to cook a Thai Green Curry and it's so delicious, i think my next one will be a mushroom Wellington. I'm a pescetarian, but I need to learn a great alternative to meat for my roast dinners!

Describe your style in 5 words, and then tell us about some of your fashion heroes.

Casual, relaxed, cute, classic, changing.
I say changing because one day i'll be super grunge, and the next i'll go cute and girly, but that's what i love about style and fashion. You can be whatever and whoever you want to be when you wake up in the morning. Also, because I work as an actor and dancer I spend a lot of time in sportswear or similar, so when I get the chance to wear what I want I go all out!
My fashion heroes or influencers are ever-changing, but I have always admired Olivia Palermo's ability to look chic wherever she goes. I also have so much respect for artists like Lorde who just do their own thing, and don't follow the trends!

What is your go-to outfit for a friday night?

My go-to outfit for a Friday night is a great comfy pair of PJ's and some thick socks. I'd always rather be tucked up in bed with my boyfriend and dog than out on the town. But when I do go out, I don't get dressed up! I normally wear jeans, trainers, and maybe a nice top! Even though I'm only 5 feet tall I very rarely wear heels. Maybe it's because I'm used to being smaller than everyone else already, but I just find them so uncomfortable, and would always rather be in flats.

Who are some fellow instagrammers you look up to, and why?

My favourite instagram accounts are:

-  @wishwishwish: She was the first blogger I followed, her account is also London travel and style based and she always gets it right, even without having a strict theme. 

 - @thatsaleaf: Has a beautiful themed account, but I love her style, and she's also the NICEST person. I've yet to meet her in real life but we have great chats on Insta. 

- @emily.rose.harding: Also takes gorgeous style and London pics without it being too forced. I've been turning off accounts that are too themed recently, and she really gets it right.

Any crazy stories from your travels abroad? 

Hmmm...I'm quite a tame person really, but a few years ago I climbed up Vitosha Mountain in Sofia, Bulgaria in espadrilles, with no food and not much water. It was about 40 degrees and I wasn't expecting it to be a difficult climb, all the mountains in the UK I'd gone up before have had perfect footpath's, and benches on the way up for a break. There were times when we were on our hands and knee's a foot away from a 500ft drop. It was the stupidest thing I've ever done!

Where would you like to travel to next? 

Well I'm off to Geneva in a few weeks, then Hong Kong and Japan in August. I'm so excited for Japan I wish I could stay for so much longer than I'm going for. My ultimate destination has always been Cuba. I'm absolutely desperate to get there soon, so I think that will be my next big trip!

What does your ideal day look like? 

I wake up about 8, and have a coffee and scroll of Instagram in bed with my pup until about 8.30. I do this every morning, and I wouldn't change it. I love days out in London, exploring new areas, eating in new places and finding the cutest little independent stores. I used to love Sunday mornings at Columbia Road Flower Market, but it's got so busy recently that it's overwhelming. My next place to explore properly is Hampstead. It's on the other side of London from me, and takes at least an hour to get there, so I rarely go, but it looks so beautiful on Instagram I know it's got to be next on my list.

What's the weirdest compliment you've ever received?

That's a tough one - I often get told 'I love your hair - do you ever straighten it?' which always makes me laugh.

Tell us about a little about your favorite low-key food spots around town.

1- Homeslice in Neals Yard - sharing pizzas and sharing wine! All you need for a great night!
2- Dishoom - I know it's a chain, but it's a small one and it's bloody GREAT and delicious and the atmosphere is great and it's just ideal for a night with friends.
3 - Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings - all the insta-worthy decor, bottomless cocktails with brunch. Do I need to say more?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

To be honest, at the moment I'm not looking that far ahead. I spent the first 24 years of my life worrying about the next steps, and I forgot to live my life for myself. I quit my job, and decided to take 5 years out for myself to decide who I want to be, and what I want to do. I would love to be acting and blogging still, at a higher level of course because what is life without progress and goals, but I'm lucky enough to already be doing that, and living my dream, and I'm so much happier, which is amazing!


I got into yoga when I was training as a dancer and actor. It's so great for flexibility, strength and grounding. It's one of the most effective full body workouts I've found (other than dance). I think yoga has so many benefits that once you've done it enough times you will never quit. I practice in the morning and it sets my mind and body in the right mood for the day.


Sylvie is my LIFE! She's only one, but she has been described as the Al Capone of the dog world because she loves to be in charge of everyone! She loves to chase cats and squirrels and one time we were walking home from the park, and she started barking at something ahead and it was two stone statues of cats in someone's drive that she thought were real! So silly, so adorable!

What’s the biggest “no” when picking your outfit?

Too many colours. I admire people who wear a lot of colour but it's just not for me. I like grey, black, white, navy, and occasionally red or blue. That's as adventurous as I get, unfortunately!

What are your favorite and least favorite things about London?

My least favourite thing about London is probably how busy it is; it's impossible to walk down Oxford Street, or squeeze on to the tube some days, but it is also the people that fill it up that make it so special. London, in my opinion, is the world's greatest metropolis. You can meet someone from every country in the world in an hour if you tried, and all those cultures have collided to create a vibrant, loving and passionate population with a lot of respect for each other and that is wonderful.


What's one thing you'd like your followers to know?

ooh good question! I want you to know that you are cool dudes, and I love you, but they shouldn't take everything that you see on instagram as truth. It is not representative of real life and sometimes it's easy to forget that! Just do you! Love each other, and live your life the way you want to! <3

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