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Okay, we’re in luck. I mean serious luck. You know the most interesting man in the world? Yea, he finally had some time to chat with us. Meet Bobby Nahill (@bobbyn3) - stop reading if you’re the jealous type. His life is pretty awesome, and he lets you know it with his award-winning smile in every photo. All kidding aside, honestly, Bobby is one of the most genuine, helpful, and supportive people you will ever meet - and we’re stoked to interview him about his travels!

London, England. original post

Chefchaouen The Blue Pearl. original post

The Acropolis, Athens. original post

How many countries and cities have you been to?

Throughout my travels I have been to 10 countries and 18 cities. You don’t realize how much easier (and CHEAPER) it is to travel in Europe compared to the states. Trains, planes and automobiles are truly your best friends! (Besides Nutella)

What’s been your favorite destination so far?

I always struggle with this question. Each trip had its own highlight, whether that was running down the streets of Paris at midnight to go watch the Eiffel Tower light up, or jumping off Galway’s famous pier in sub-zero degree weather. Morocco was by far the biggest adventure since it is just so beyond different from the States and Europe, but going to Italy and Greece was the most meaningful. My mom used to live in Florence for a bit after college, and my parents honeymooned in Athens. I just so happened to be staying right by the hotel they stayed at, and the day I arrived was their 27th anniversary.

 #blessed by the Pope.  see the video

#blessed by the Pope. see the video

Can you tell us about the time you met the Pope?

This was TRULY a time (and story) I will never forget! My friend (who was traveling with me) and I landed the day before the Pope’s Papal service, which we initially had not planned at all. To get a ticket to the event, you had to go to Vatican City and pick them up. After waiting in line for two hours, we didn’t realize that you had to have a special form in order to collect the tickets. We get to the front of the line, and looking the Swiss Guard dead in the eyes, my friend starts to nearly fake cry, saying that we didn’t know about this form. Her skills work, because instead of sending us inside, he went behind the door he was standing in front of, and gave us two tickets. God was certainly on our side! We showed up to the event two hours early the next day to get seats, and once the service ended, we noticed that people were still staying around because he was going around and blessing people. Since most people left, we got to the front row, and after waiting for another hour and a half, the Pope finally made his way TEN FEET in front of us and blessed us! It was by far the most powerful and holy feeling I have ever experienced.

How much better Was the real greek yogurt compared to chobani?

You’d think they just churned it straight from the cow – it was so fresh! I had just as much Greek yogurt in Athens as gelato I ate in Italy.


Who are you traveling with?

Each trip has been different. Some students are from my program, others I met while abroad. I was fortunate to have a lot of college and high school friends studying all around Europe, so I did a lot of trips where we’d meet up in a location together. I also did a fair amount of traveling by myself, which was such a fantastic learning experience. (Especially when you’re not fluent in a certain language!)

Is the pasta really that much better than United States pasta?

You know, I’m really spoiled at home, because my mom truly has the Italian touch. The ingredients are so fresh and flavorful, which is something college pasta dinners can never compare to. I’d say it definitely was a great taste of home!

Any crazy or funny traveling stories?

Too many! Probably the funniest experience I had was when I was in Barcelona. I was with five friends from college. We were being the rowdy Americans we are because we just had amazing food and were in an incredible mood after celebrating a friend's birthday, when all of a sudden this man passes us on a hoverboard. We hadn't seen them in Europe yet (maybe a couple in London).
So, naturally, we're being loud, he's already in a bad mood and decides to flip us off. We all get offended and gasp when...
BOOM. The board flies out from under him, as if the universe just said, "Oh, no, you don't." Some "no weapon formed against you shall prosper" action.
We booked it the other way because as soon as he got over his embarrassment and had the stamina to stand up, he'd probably come after us.
*Sigh* Good times, good times.

Would you live there or is it just nice to travel there?

I could definitely see myself living in London. There is just so much to do and there is always something happening. I feel so fortunate to be in this city, because I know that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford living here. It’s certainly showed me the lifestyle that I want to strive for!


Where’s the next adventure?

After spending my final days in London, my next adventure is back to the States! I will be home in Boston for a week, and then going back to Los Angeles.

Monkeyin' around in Gibraltar. original post

Camel riding in Tetuan, Morocco. original post

If it fits, I sits. Tetuan, Morocco. original post

How cordial was that monkey lol?

I would replace the word “cordial” with “care-free” - they truly had no cares in the world! As long as you didn’t invade their personal space (or give them food!), then it was totally fine.


Are camels really that comfortable to ride?

Not as much as you’d think! They’re definitely a bumpier ride than you’d expect.

What’s been your favorite food so far?

When I’m not eating something that’s covered in Nutella, I would say naturally, Italian or Greek! However, London has an amazing market scene, where you can get any type of food from all over the world! I have become obsessed with Indian food while being here!

Is fashion elsewhere significantly different from the U.S.?

So incredibly different! I actually did a final project on the fashion here (in London) compared to the States. I had the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week where I got a taste of the differences. Since I am living in the heart of central London, “posh” is certainly a way to describe the style. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, dresses up. Sometimes it feels like you’re on the set of a 70’s British film or on a super chic photo shoot. London also has such diverse style in each location, so “urban grunge” in one area and “fabulously British” in another, for example. Thrift stores are huge here, and all true Londoners wear designer “trainers” which we call “sneakers” in the States. It’s very common to see someone in white Adidas with ripped jeans, a very nice trench coat and sometimes a baseball cap with sunglasses.

How are the people/culture overall?

For the most part, incredibly pleasant! I have learned a lot about stereotypes of Americans that Europeans have, and it’s been so incredible to immerse myself in such diverse cultures. Some are incredibly westernized, where as others are just on the verge of westernizing. It can sometimes be very daunting when you’re thrown out of your comfort zone, but putting yourself in the shoes of the culture as much as possible is so rewarding.

How many pictures, if you had to guess, have you taken so far?

Gosh, definitely in the thousands! I would ball park over five thousand. I have been deemed the Abroad Paparazzi among my friends! I always have my camera, taking pictures and shooting videos for my travel vlogs. I’m glad I brought an external hard drive, because I have been using it like crazy!


Is there anything that you didn’t expect to learn/find out/know about?

Oh so much! As much as traveling abroad seems like this romanticized fairytale of travel, there have definitely been difficult times. If anything, it has taught me to just trust myself, go with the flow while being organized, and stay positive (especially when you are thrown out of your comfort zone, you are put in your most vulnerable state). I have become so independent and have gained an immense amount of self-confidence, because there have been so many situations where I had no one to rely on but myself.


What's one piece of advice you have for other adventurers?

WALK. Walk everywhere. You don’t realize how much beauty is around you unless you're walking. Walk up stairs, down tunnels, through forests. I have walked thousands of miles and taken millions of steps these past six months. Walking forces you to get up and fully experience the world. I have walked through at least four pairs of shoes while being here. Plus, it’s good for your health!

What about for the unadventurous?

FAITH. Have faith in yourself and the universe. There will be times when you get down, but also times when you will experience the indescribable beauty that life has to offer. The energy that you put out into the universe is what you will get back, so stay positive and faithful.

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