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Known for his Instagram's collection of sweeping landscapes and lust-worthy adventures, Robin (aka @DiscoverEarth) fell in love with UNUM  just a few months ago (UNUM had a long-time crush). In this feature, Robin chats with us about Hawaii, giant Vietnamese spiders, and what it's like to be one of Instagram's most famous travel photographers.

Rovaniemi, Finland by @janiylinampa

Abraham Lake, Alberta by @marccadamus

Maligne Lake, Jasper by @daniel_ernst

Are your a fan of Nikon, or Canon?

Well, I am a Canon guy by default because I am surrounded by Canon users. My grandfather, my dad, my big brother, my best friend and the majority of people I know use Canon. But I wouldn’t mind switching to Nikon at least to give it a try and see the difference, their cameras produce great photos too!

What has been one of the all-time best moments with Discover Earth?

The first sponsor who invited me was in Lofoten, Norway. It was a wonderful experience having seen the fjords, the village and the amazing Northern lights for the first time.

Can’t imagine how you’re going to answer this haha, but what’s your favorite picture on @DiscoverEarth and why?

My favorite photo was the one Thomas Eckhoff took - with me standing on a rock in Lofoten. This photo describes best my adventurous spirit. It was a long hard climb to get to that rock, but I made it up there in the end.

Do you ever get recognized by fans when you’re out and about?

Yes they do, as I’m sharing my travels on Instagram and Snapchat (discover.earth).

What do you like to do outside of killin it on Insta?

I love spending time with my family as I’m not at home that often.

What’s the cheesiest pickup line you’ve asked and what’s the cheesiest one someone’s asked you?

Me: Do you know who I am? I am Batman’s teammate.
A girl at the gym: Hey can you teach me how to squat?
(Well this never happened, this is a BIG lie. But I’m so prepared for this to happen.)

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

PASTAS!!! The only thing I can cook though - the Original, Italian made with tomato, carbonara, and pesto sauce.

What have you crossed off your bucket list? What’s the next thing to cross off?

My first exposure - The Huffington Post wrote an article about me and that’s one of my biggest accomplishment. I will soon launch my website and will propose a photo workshop in Norway and I hope that it will be fully booked.

Where’s the most memorable place you’ve travelled to, and why?

Hawaii. I must admit it was the greatest moments in my life - I was in Big Island swimming with wild dolphins.  They were probably 50 of them dancing around me and I almost cried for joy. Here is a short video with my GoPro. I do plan to come back very soon though.

What’s the coolest thing a fan/follower has done for you?

One of them invited me to Brittany, France to show me around their beautiful landscapes.

If you could tell your fans anything, what would it be?

 A big lump of nope.

A big lump of nope.

To take it easy, especially when you are confronted with alien insects. Honestly, I’m scared of big spiders – especially after my jungle trip in Vietnam. I hope you like this photo (below). He was right above my head while I was sleeping. (Thanks to my best friend who took this shot).

How has Discover Earth shaped you?

I met a lot of great photographers who helped me improve my own photography. I now have the ability to know if a photo would become viral or not!

Lower Antelope Canyon by @bryanadamc

Termas Geométricas by @seniorjp

Kromlau, Sachsen, Germany by @punkodelish

Have you ever been able to meet the photographers that take these breathtaking shots?

Yes!! A lot of them. One of my favorites is Thomas Eckhoff – he now works with me on a regular basis hehe

You have any “beef” or fun rivalry with other Instagram accounts haha?

One of my classmates in college was Kristina Bazan, a famous Swiss blogger. In general, we almost have the same number of followers. (Although she has 50,000 followers more than me.) Actually,  she was the inspiration which triggered my desire to share photos I love with others.

If you could go back and relive one moment in your life, what would it be?

That escapade I had with my friends in Hawaii. I was in a red Mustang surrounded by 3 girls - how cool is that? Hawaii is the next place I'd like to travel to as well.

Who is your favorite photographer?

My grandfather is my favorite photographer because I was exposed to his wonderful photos at a young age.


There you have it. The legend behind one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts out there. Thanks for inspiring us, much love! See how DiscoverEarth keeps his feed gorgeous.

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