Throwing Up Some Thoughts

"One plate of meaningful gibberish please."

Life is a conundrum, simplify it.

People in their very nature over complicate the facets of life - relationships, body language, outfits, speech, education, wealth, status - the list goes on. 

But. Take. A. Step. Back.

Someone, somewhere is living, dying, laughing, crying, hating, loving, repenting, envying. A nameless body. A soul searching being. You pass by them, everyday. 

"I don't feel so good"

There is something to be said of status and obtaining status that can break the strongest of men. Judgement among peers and strangers is the devil’s playground. We walk heavy with preconceived expectations, associations, and general negativity from the unknown eyes that follow - that pierce into your deepest insecurities. This is a trap. An illusion. The thematic statement that shears through the thickening fog around our internal self is “Who cares.”

Who really cares about rejection, failure, pain, weakness, sadness. The fact of the matter is without risk, there is no reward. For example, mankind’s total weight is equivalent to the sum of all the ants in the world. Mankind, therefore = ants. Now if we are all “ants,” then who cares about seemingly being defeated by one ant when there are billions (I will repeat) billions of other ants aimlessly wandering throughout their short existence.

"I think I'm going to throw-up"

You don’t become recognized without failing, without being rejected, without attempting. On a macro level, that becomes insignificant to nonexistent. However, you must be warned that attempting is different than ignorance. Ignorant and assuming it will come without putting forth the work. This is the common misconception in today’s society, arrival without delivery.

"Feel better now"

Let’s take a break. Think. What did you think about? Why? (Constantly engage your mind and piece together why you came up with that thought)

What are your goals in life? Why do you want to receive them, be truthfully honest with yourself, no one is here to judge. Now you can’t have that dream or a branch of it with a coin flip into the fountain. You can’t achieve it by only hoping or wishing for it. Also, it doesn’t matter at all what you wished for because the core of every want has a variety of reasons, but there is a core to all of them: security. Security in yourself. That no matter what comes about, you are secure, whether it be through family, friends, that job interview, your business, a girl, a boy, a hope, a dream. No matter what your goal is, it somehow brings you self assurance and inevitably security in self. Vulnerability takes multiple personas and perceptions, but self security will slay the innate fear of being alone physically, mentally, and spiritually.