gnarlyos | Beautiful Instagrams

One day we were perusing through Instagram, as we normally do when all of a sudden - stop, double tap. We happened to stumble upon this beautiful hand drawn picture:

We thought, okay someone reposted. Nah. This was an OG post! Naturally, we had to know more about this mysteriously gifted artist.

Because she was so talented, we expected she was going to be snobby - I mean, we would be if we could draw like that. To our surprise, she was so sweet and kind and her personality was even better than her drawings!! Damn. Some people have it all ;P

So let’s get to know her a bit, but first a proper introduction!

Her personal art account is @gnarlyos and you can find all her helpful beauty and fashion tips on her blog, "Purely Sierra."   Don't worry, her site has an insta toooo @sierrabellle Get on that follow game if you haven't already!

We had a nice lil chit chat with Sierra and here were some of the highlights:

So when did you start drawing?

I began drawing when I was pretty young, I started pretty much after I saw my sister drawing and I was inspired by her to start.

Is there anything in particular that inspired you to draw?

Most of the time an idea just comes to me and I decide to draw something haha

What’s is the hardest thing to draw, in your opinion?

The hardest thing to draw for me is fingernails, I have no idea why but they seem impossible to draw for me.

Any tricks or tips you learned with drawing?

I learned to draw what you want to see instead of draw what you physically see, and this has helped me draw

Why did you come up with the name Purely Sierra?

One day I woke up and decided I wanted to start blogging and the name Purely Sierra came to me.

How did fashion start playing a larger role?

When I was around age two I began accessorizing, I then started becoming more involved in fashion when I was around age eleven. Ever since then I have used fashion as an outlet for self expression.


Out of all the blog posts you’ve written, which one was the most fun to write and why?

The blog post i have most enjoyed writing is probably my winter favorites because I had the chance to share what products I love to use in my everyday life.

Do gluten free waffles taste good? haha

Gluten free waffles are actually sooooooooooo amazing haha I definitely recommend them :)

Do you cook too? What's your specialty?

I absolutely love cooking, my favorite thing to cook is blueberry muffins

Which Insta accounts inspire you?

Some insta accounts that inspire me are @cindycrawford @fitwithcambrie and of course @beyonce ;))

What’s your go-to Friday night outfit?

My go-to friday night outfit is typically my Adidas, shorts, and an off the shoulder top, but lets be honest here: if I don't have plans I am probably wearing sweatpants.

Have strangers ever asked you to draw pictures of them? If yes, any funny stories with that?

I get people asking for me to draw them via dm on insta pretty frequently, but so far nothing memorable has happened haha

If there is one piece of advice you could give to your followers, what would it be?

A piece of advice I would give my followers is, if you work hard for something it will happen. This is something I try to remember because there are many times where things seem too difficult or things are not happening easily, but if you keep trying you will get where you want to be.

Any spoilers about the next few blog posts ;)

I am thinking of doing my summer favorites and possibly starting to do posts about the latest trends throughout the seasons ;)) If everything works out I might be traveling a lot next year, so I might start making youtube videos.

So turns out, you can be super nice and ridiculously talented. We indeed stumbled on someone special. 

Thanks for being you Sierra! We love you and your artwork, keep killin' it!

UNUM out.