Hi, my name is Kaley Morgan and this is UNUM.


Amplify your Instagram:

  • Simple Storyboarding

  • Powerful Editing

  • Dynamic Scheduling

Design Perfection. Control Your Story.

Notable Users

Halle Berry (Actress/badass) - @halleberry
Pretty Lights (Musician) - @prettylights
Baublebar (Jewelry) - @baublebar
Corey Booker (U.S. Senator) - @coreybooker
Joanna Halpin (Model) - @joannahalpin
Discover Earth (Influencer) - @discoverearth

Detailed Features

With UNUM, you can:

  • Tell limitless stories with •• Multiple Accounts

  • Visualize your grid simply with •• Drag & Drop + Rearrange Tool

  • Add depth to your photos •• Edit/Filter Tool

  • Save time and increase efficiency with •• Scheduling

  • Freedom to share to Instagram anytime with •• Direct Post

  • Create complexity with •• Tile Tool

  • Personalize your message beforehand with •• Caption Pen

  • Swap between ideas in •• Draft Screen

  • Modify your grid with •• Schemes

  • And more for you to uncover

Best of all: it's free.

About the Company

Name UNUM Inc.
Founder Kaley Morgan (Age 19)
Industry Technology/App

Accepted Taglines

  • Design Perfection for Instagram

  • Design tool to amplify your Instagram

  • Ugly Instagram? Cured.

  • Cure Ugly


A powerful design and storage tool to amplify any Instagram. Store, plan, theme, edit, and more. The only Instagram tool you’ll ever need.

“I looked EVERYWHERE for a tool to visually plan my Instagram feed. There were layout apps, scheduler apps, get-more-follower apps, repost apps – but nothing quite like UNUM. After many hopeless hacks: Creating a tile view in Photoshop, opening 3 pictures in Preview, pasting pictures in a Microsoft Word chart – I couldn’t take it anymore haha #pathetic I just wanted a simple, fast, and intuitive way to edit and plan my Instagram feed. My vision is to one day cure all ugly Instagrams with UNUM 🙊” -Kaley Morgan, Founder

Sample News Story

The Only Instagram Tool You’ll Ever Need

Instagram’s powerhouse platform shows no sign of slowing down. Today, there are over 400 million users posting 75 million photos a day, and they have no way to forecast their Instagram feed. A 19-year old SoCal surfer girl has solved this problem with her startup, UNUM - a powerful Instagram design tool.

What is UNUM?

It is the only free app that lets you visualize and plan your perfect Instagram. You can rearrange, save drafts, schedule, edit, add descriptions, tile, and more! “We want to be the one-stop-shop for all your Instagram needs,” states Kaley Morgan, UNUM founder.

UNUM was born from her frustration with her Instagram feed. “I had so many different pictures I wanted to post, but they would always clash and make my Instagram feed look disorganized. I tried to tile my pictures in Photoshop, send screenshots to myself, grid them in iPhoto, upload photos to a Word chart...you get the picture. It was tedious and frustrating and I ended up deleting most of my pictures because of it!” She looked everywhere to find a company that offered this service. When she couldn’t find any, she started UNUM.

She adds, “UNUM is a Latin word that's part of a phrase that can be found on the dollar bill: 'E Pluribus UNUM,'  which means ‘Out of many, one.’ It actually summarizes us and Instagram pretty well!”

A user can visualize and plan their Instagram so it looks like one work of art and tells one story - yours – without the headache. It is a simple, fast, and intuitive tool to make your Instagram unified. UNUM is here to amplify your story.

The UNUM team has grand plans! ;) We're always working on rolling out more features for our users. Check out our toolkit here!





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  • The ONE Instagram Tool to Rule them All

  • The Only Instagram Tool You'll Ever Need

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With over 400 million monthly active users, Instagram shows no sign of slowing down. More than 70 million photos telling someone’s story everyday. Today, Instagrammers pride themselves on telling their journey through a clean, organized, and thematic feed. Those nightmarish, sleepless nights about your Instagram feed are over with UNUM. UNUM masters the art of the Insta theme for you. UNUM is the tool that lets you visualize and amplify your Instagram feed ahead of time.

With UNUM, it’s all about the details. The name itself is Latin for “One.” And their tagline is found on the Seal of the United States: E Pluribus UNUM which means “Out of Many, One.” The 19-year-old founder, Kaley Morgan, explains how “Your Instagram is made up of many pictures, but it tells ONE story - yours.”

When you first download and sign into the sleek monochrome app, you’ll notice a blank Instagram feed above your own Instagram feed. You continue your story by clicking blank squares and adding your pictures. Then start rearranging, dragging, and dropping! Another cool feature: You can add a caption and hashtags to multiple pictures at once, ideal for start-ups and influencers. You can edit, add filters, tile, and best of all...schedule! Yes, no more missing crucial moments to post!

The last featured tool is the “scheduler,” depicted by an hourglass icon. At first, I expected it would be a normal calendar where I can set each picture’s day and time to post, but that wasn’t the case. It is a general schedule with three options: morning, midday, and evening. You choose what time, generally, you want to post your pictures and then you can select the frequency: one to three times a day. I wasn’t sure about this tool, but I have come to absolutely love it! It bulks all my planned pictures and I don’t ever have to worry about setting the day and times because I know I’m going to post them each day. It saves me a lot of time, not having to manually schedule each one. One suggestion would be to have the option for users to individually set them, but I’m sure they are going to offer that soon. This scheduler is a lifesaver for companies to everyday Instagrammers; you can also manually post pictures by selecting them, then tapping the Instagram icon in the toolbar.
Overall, this is a must-have app if you are even a little into Instagram, or photography in general. Excited to see what future features come out of this little gem of a tool. Oh ya, and it’s free! Here’s the link.


Template Article Two

Maintaining a beautiful, unified Instagram account isn’t easy. If you’re hoping for a beautiful feed, you know how important it is to weave a seamless story from all your Instagram pictures. With UNUM, this becomes much, much easier.

How? UNUM is a free tool that allows you to plan, schedule, and visualize your Instagram feed easily – all in one app. Let’s take a closer look at how these capabilities can dramatically amplify your ‘Gram and simplify your life.

Plan Your Theme

You don’t have to look any further than your favorite feeds to see that a solid Instagram theme is crucial to a growing followers and engagement. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s hard to accomplish, especially when you’re juggling multiple photos and subjects at once, right?

UNUM was founded by Kaley Morgan, a young, SoCal Instagrammer who understands the frustration inherent in trying to create a unified theme. It answers the challenge of one inclusive, connected and integrated feed, providing a simple and intuitive platform where you can comfortably plan and visualize your pictures as a whole.

Edit Your Photos

Of course, another prime component of a gorgeous feed is gorgeous photography, and that means proper editing. If your photos don’t share a similar style, color scheme and aesthetic, you’ll have a harder time building up a devoted follower base, and obviously your likes will suffer!

Luckily, UNUM comes with a powerful in-app editor, removing the need to use multiple different apps to get your photos to look the way you want. Its diverse array of features include custom filters, edit tools, drafting abilities, a rotate tool and a tile tool. You not only have the ability to edit photos before posting, but UNUM loads your entire Instagram feed to help theme future pictures, matching the editorial style of newer additions to older posts. Want to mimic a feed you love? Just upload a few of their photos and play around with them, matching yours to theirs.

Add Captions and Time Your Postings

Now for some housekeeping. Instagram is more than just a collection of pictures: it’s a platform for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Captions are crucial, and a strong voice can help your pictures stand above the rest.

This Instagram tool allows you to draft captions to go with your photos, and schedule pictures so that you’ll never forgot to post again. From now on, you can bring your pictures to life with fully fleshed out captions! Phew.

Create a Fully Unified Feed

UNUM’s goal is to be the only Instagram tool you ever need. After all, it’s named after the Latin phrase and motto of the United States: “E Pluribus UNUM,” which means, “Out of many, ONE.” That is UNUM’s goal: to provide you with a useful tool that will not only help create art, but help you better tell your story. All in one place, all in one app.

Unify your feed fully by pre-planning your Instagram, matching up pictures that look good next to one another, saving drafts, and arranging pictures for color, style and more. Now you can see your feed before you post, ensuring a beautiful theme that will grow your follower count and build your online presence.

UNUM is free on the app store, so go get it! Your pictures, your account and your story depend on it.

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