The UNUM Toolkit

UNUM - from many, one tool for your unique story. Our free, easy-to-learn app combines every tool that your need to plan your perfect Instagram feed.

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New features


Grid Shift

Shift your grid to see what your feed would look like when you posted your pictures. To access, tap the Instagram Posted pics and you'll see the second toolbar. It's the squiggly arrow 🙃

Phantom Mode 👻

Temporarily delete your posted photos to see what your feed would look like if you actually deleted them! Just tap your Insta feed posted pics to see the second toolbar.

Hide Instagram Logo

Want to see what your feed will look like without the Insta Logo? Just tap your Instagram posted pics and you'll see the second toolbar to hide the Insta logo.

Live mode

Live Mode shifts the photo you just posted on Instagram into your Posted section on UNUM, freeing up space for you to plan more photos.

multiple accounts

Have more than one story to tell? Our latest version allows you curate as many feeds as you need. Simply tap your name at the top of the app, then hit "Add Accounts".

drag & drop

It's finally here! In addition to the rearrange button, this features lets our more hands-on users move and shift photos with ease.



We've added a Light Mode as well as accent colors, which allow you to choose the UNUM color scheme that works best for you when editing your theme. Bright and airy theme? Try our Dusky Gray accent. Moody, dark theme? Try Light Mode with our Lemonade accent.


Classic Features


Upload your queue

UNUM features a simple grid, mimicking the way that Instagram displays your photos. We save all of the photos to your account, meaning that your can open your UNUM on any iOS device (Android coming soon!) and see the images that you've added.

EDIT & caption

UNUM's tools feature all that Instagram has, and more. Editing and captioning beforehand allows you to make sure that your entire theme has a cohesive look and feel. Whether you're an up-and-coming fashion brand, a blogger, or a meme page, we have the tools to make each individual photo look amazing.


Just like a master curator in her gallery, you have the power to reorganize your future feed with our intuitive tools. Select multiple squares and tap the rearrange button, or drag and drop to move photos. 

Schedule reminders

Our simple, beautiful scheduler allows you to set basic reminders for yourself, so that you'll never miss peek hours again. 



Not sure if the layout you made is right for you? Build a second version Draft by swiping right. If you like it better, swap it over to queue up for scheduling.


Once your receive that reminder notification, all that's left to do is post! Review your editing and your caption before we take you over to Instagram, with all of your hard work ready to go.


exclusive access

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